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Our expert electricians will work in with your existing design team to make sure the end result is exceptional. We have many years of experience working with interior designers and electrical consultants so we are familiar with the process and the attention to even the most minor details, that are crucial for getting a luxury home completed according to the specifications of the client.

If a complete electrical design is required, we are able to create customised systems for any project, regardless of scope and complexity, and to provide Autocad drawings for the electrical system components.

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Corlette Residence— Electrical Projects in Taylors Beach, NSW
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Scope: Waterfront residence overlooking Port Stephens. 2017 winner of the MBA Excellence in Building Award for Custom Built Homes over $3 million. A high end finish with close attention paid to detail.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any experience working with Cbus or other automated electrical systems?
Yes. We keep up to date with the ever changing home automation world. But we also have a couple of subcontractors we work with who specialise in this area.
I keep hearing the phrase ‘smart home.’ What exactly is it?
A ‘smart home’ is a home that is automated, where settings for appliances, lighting, cooling and heating can be controlled remotely using a smart phone, computer or other device. You can essentially activate, deactivate and control many elements of your home from another location.